About Me


RCO 16 d copy

Born in Hollywood California, and raised in Van Nuys,  I have been painting and drawing for as long as I can remember.   In the early days I was helped by my father.  I am, for the most part,  self taught. 

In my early teens some of what I drew and painted were pictures of athletes..... Jack Dempsey,  Muhammad Ali.... here I gained a basic knowledge of anatomy.  I have worked and applied myself  over the years.

While attending  Valley Jr College I was offered an all expense paid tour of Southeast Asia by Uncle Sam.  How could I refuse?  After my discharge from the military I had a series of posters of rock stars published and started showing my work in local galleries.  Later employed by several companies designing decorator art I worked with a variety of subject matter and experienced different styles and mediums.  During this time I acquired an interest in the American West, and Native Americans in particular.